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Dunn's Snooker cue tip compressor, tip shaper,
stainless steel made, lasts a life time 

9-11mm snooker cue tips compressor   UPC:  651312526421 


The objective of this tool is to pre-compress the tip such that you do not need excessive bed in time when a new tip is placed. Tips such as Blue diamond, Elk Master, may take around 3-5 hours of play time, to completely compress the tip and its performance cn be felt. With this pre-compressor, you can always pre-compress tips first well before you chang tip, and after replacing with this compresed tip, you can instantly enjoy tyour new tips functionality.


1) Put your non-compressed tip as below.
2) Close the cyclinder and turns with the levers until no more turns are possible manually.
3) Compress for at least 4 hours, or evebn compess it in advance just in case you need to change tip.



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