snooker cues

Plain ebony 3/4 ash cue, with mini-butt

Made with ebony

Cue with mminibutt: £138 + postage

Cue set: £175 + postage
(with minibutt/telescopic/aluminum case)

Length 58 inches
Weight 18.4 oz
Tip 9.5mm
balance point 17 inches
Butt size 29.6mm

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Cue only
Cue set

United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, France, Finland

£149 (postage included)

£175 (postage included)


£158 (postage included)

£185 (postage included)

Hong Kong, Japan

£139 (postage included)

£163 (postage included)

Northern America, Canada

£165 (postage included)

£188 (postage included)


2007 Dunns Cues

Last updated Jan 2024