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Some of the comments left by Dunns Cues customers:


Hiya Vernon, just received the cue I had custom made from you and I am very pleased with it. I have yet to try it out but the finish and the balance of it is second to none and is better than I could have hoped for. I will let you know how it plays in time but am confident it will play well. The quality you get for the price is fantastic and I would recommend you to anyone. Many thanks for a job very well done. John Dunbavin, Liverpool. PS. I would be happy for you to put these comments on your comments page if you wish. Best wishes JD

John Dunbavin July 2014


hello guys I receive my cue 26-11-2009 its a real beauty (I107)solomon
The weight feels really great and everything looks really really goood!!!!
I want to thank veron for the patience and helpfull (advise)
I am going to try out my cue tomorrow(saturday) so I cant tell you how it plays but how it feels and how it looks !!!!!
10 + 
sincerly Angelo the netherlands
  (Solomon cue, I-107)  


Hi Vernon,cue arrived safely on friday and i just wish to say a big thankyou.its a superb piece of craftsmanship,i love the feel and balance of it and couldnt ask for short im absolutely delighted and i feel your statement for producing world class cues is fully justified. Kind Regards, Gary Mason (26th July 09)
G-130 custom made cue


Hi Guys

Cue turned up this morning I cant belive the quality thank you better then I could of hoped for. Cant wait to play feels great thank you great service will recommend.

Colin (8th May 2009, UK)


The cue arrived yesterday thank you very much. As Ive said, its for my son who will be trying it out tonight. It looks and feels really really nice and was worth waiting for. Im so jealous!!!
Thanks for keeping me informed though, I know you had a difficult time, and we did start to get a bit worried.
Anyway, thanks again, and I know where I will be buying my next cue from.

All the best

Paul Nash
(Hendry Replica cue, UK)


Gaz here . Cue came today , haven't had chance to play with it yet,
but it looks superb . Thanks for all your help mate and please let me know of
any offers that you might have during the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR .........Gaz.

Gary Cromar (UK, Checquers maple 1st January 2009)


The Cue Arrived and I am very impressed at the quality.I have played with it
and in two games made breaks of 64 and 53.It has the weight I need and at
that weight, the cue does a lot of work with minimum effort.Thank you very much.
I have also ordered a 19 inches telescopic extension.
Best regards
HAL    (Canada, Custom made ebony ash cue) 2nd August 2008


I received my cue on Fri. June 13 2008. I have tried it out, and it hits great.
 The 19" telescopic extension  which I had ordered was not shipped with the
cue with the cue. Could you please check into this for me.
Thank You,

Bill Zubriski     (Canada, Custom made ebony maple cue)

Both the cue and extension have arrived,they're great.
  (UK, Hendry Replica Splicing Cue)

The cue arrived on friday 9/5/2008 safe and sound.
Very pleased with the finish and look forward to playing with it.

Bill    (Australia, Hendry Replica Splicing Cue Custom Made)

Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt delivery and overall excellent
nature of the cues. They are very well made, nicely balanced and work
beautifully.  Fantastic value. Thanks again,

Gil  (Vancouver, Stripy ebony cue+ B-106)

Have just received Model G Hendry replica. Can not believe the quality
of the cue for under 100 pounds. Unbelievably powerful and a joy to
use. I have used custom made peradons the best Rileys money can buy
Powerglide originals that were hand made to order and yet this is in my
opinion the best cue I have ever used.
I have ordered another cue for a friend the last in your sale - Model
H. Thanks very much.
Paul ( UK G-107 Hendry replica splicing )

The cue has arrived it is very good thanks a lot will be in touch
a very pleased
Mick (custom made maple cue, UK)

The cues are received today(A-111 Ash cue,A-112 maple cue)
Like you said on your site" A picture is better than thousands of words"to
descrive it.
They are fantastic as I hold the cues, good wood and good quality
indeed. Actually they are even better than I expected,better than the looks of any
other pictures shown on your site. I am also impressed with your quick
replying on questions  and your service which is really  reliable and trusty.
I sure will recommend your cues to whom may be interested in.
Thank you!

(From Taiwan, A-111, A-112 custom made) David

I've got it! Very nice cue. Thank you very much
Mirek  (From Poland, D-103)

The cue reached safely today.  However, there was no tip of Marble. The
design of the cue is also good and It is a very good steady of Joint, cue!
Hereafter, I want to order. At that time, is the change in the length of the cue,
weight, and the diameter of tip possible? I was able to trust your company,
and evaluated that it was wonderful!
My best regards.

K.Iwasaki ( From JAPAN.   Model D-105, Model E-104, Model H-116)

I practiced snooker with your cue this morning.  It is in fact very good and
consistent.  The butt size is just right for me.  I prefer 3/4 jointed cued now. 
 I want to trade my centre jointed John Parris Classic with a case.  The 3/4
jointed cue that I am using has a slighly oversized butt, I think it is a 29mm
or 30mm.  So please give me the quotation for one centre joint (two piece) 
and one 3/4 joint with mini butt and tele extenton (4 piece) cue case.

Julian Tsang (Vancouver, Canada C-103)


WOW!! that is all I can say...Brillitant CUE...Feels GOOD Looks
GOOD....Plays GREAT.. What kind of the tip is on the cue? Thanks again
for your quick responses on the e-mails...
I am so please with this cue..
One last thing...I have just ordered the extentions for the cue
Can I publish photos of my cue on your website for Authentication...?

Wynne (South Africa, Cape, Cue B-105)

I have fantastic message:) Today I received the cue. It looks and
feels greate. It is straight and made from high quality
wood:) I'll play tomorrow so then I wrote  what I think about it.:)

(Poland, A-102)

I just purchased a cue from you (H101) .I must thank you for supplying me
with a cue that plays and feels superb.If the cue I received is the norm anyone
considering purchasing one of your cues can be confident that they will receive a
good value quality cue

Regards Paul
(Queensland Australia)

Got it and started playing with it, feel great! Made a 53 break in first frame,
but i think i will re-tip it . The wood quality is
awesome. Thanks for you help and surely i will recommend you to others.

(UK, G-101)

Sound cue, good wood and great look. very responsive cue.
(Hong Kong, C-101)

I played it on saturday, the cue craftmanship seems fine. I will start practicing
with it before the league session. Thanks
and keep me in touch of any new cues in future.
Cue enthusiast
(Ireland UK)

thanks for the cue, my brother just started playing but seems to improve quick!
(Wales, UK)

Great feel with the new cue, i like the checkers design and the shaft
arrows look great and smooth. But i need to change
to blue diamond and make it feel even better. thanks again mate,


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